Firmware for 3DTouch

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Firmware for 3DTouch

Post by MacLaddy » Sun Jun 13, 2021 7:14 am

Hoping to get some direction here. I have tried many different things to get this to work, and nothing is working. Here is what I have tried:

* Followed the directions on this page. Downloaded some shady software and the hex file. It flashed successfully, but the final result had nothing about the 3DTouch. It was the same menu on my LCD.
* Downloaded and flashed the Geeetech 1.1.8 version from Github that includes the BLTouch options. Unfortunately, this didn't appear to have the correct config.adv.h file for my display and it went blank. So I redid the step above which at least fixed that issue.
* Tried following the Marlin 2.0 bug fix config that Vert has a video about. Didn't work. Arduino throws a million errors.

Is it actually possible to get the bltouch on this printer?

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