Prusa I3 pro B: issues with the board ?

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Prusa I3 pro B: issues with the board ?

Post by Linakesh » Thu Sep 23, 2021 4:27 am

Hello everybody,

I'm a newby at 3D printing. I bought & installed the I3 Pro B, my very first 3D printer. At very first moves it seemed installation was (almost) ok:
- When powered off, all 3 axis moves well without friction.
- When powered on, motors are engaged. I can use the "Move" menu to have the motors of X, Y and the 2 motors of Z working properly in both directions

So before being able to print anything, i'm facing the issue with motor E that won't move at all :

I tried this :
- i plugged E motor + E cable on the "X" A4988 driver. When using "Move > X" command, the E motor was properly moving in both directions. My conclusion : E motor and E cable are fine.
- back to original configuration, i switched E and X A4988 drivers. When using "Move > X", the X motor was properly moving. My conclusion : original E driver is fine
- and still on previous updated config, when using "Move > E", the E motor was NOT moving (on the X driver that is ok)
My conclusion to all of this is that my problem is not material but something in the board . I don't know how to check further if it's electronic or software (i'd be surprised).

BTW all the drivers' voltage is between 0.8 to 0.9 volt

What's your opinion on that ?

I'm quite desperate with this printer that seems to be useless before any print :cry: Thanks for your very appreciated help !

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