Touchscreen unresponsive?

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Touchscreen unresponsive?

Post by Tuggi1927 » Sat Apr 09, 2022 4:48 am

Hi, I've just got my mizar S and had initial issues with the SD card supplied being corrupt and unreadable. Having formatted that, losing all documentation and additional things with it, I have powered up my printer and have not managed to do anything at all with it. The screen doesn't respond to touch, so that leaves it just sitting on the main screen for a set time, and then eventually it times out and says the bed needs levelling before any printing can commence.

I downloaded the firmware to try and do a firmware wipe but it doesn't even boot that up either. The only thing it does at the moment is sits there with the fans purring, didn't spend close to £400 for a large purring paper weight.

I have raised a ticket, but hoping maybe someone knows a way of perhaps doing a hex dump to the card via usb and Cura?

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Re: Touchscreen unresponsive?

Post by Garden3643 » Thu Jul 28, 2022 12:03 pm

Yes Good.

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